Released originally in 2003,  the C|EH course is in its 10th iteration.  The training session spans five days, with more than 40% of class time dedicated to learning practical skills.  Students will complete 20 modules (including sniffing, session hacking, SQL Injection, hacking web applications, IoT hacking, cloud computing, and much more), 340 attack techniques and 140 labs.  Upon completion, students can sit for the C|EH exam. The C|EH exam is ANSI and Department of Defense Directive 8570/8140. This designation is particularly important for anyone working for the government or a government contractor, those roles require a certification from the DoDD8570 list. The Computer Workshop is one of a select number of EC Council Academic Training Centers in the United States, our C|EH instructor will be offering this course the week of March 25thClick here to register.





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